公司成立于2001年6月(创始于1953年),现坐落于上海奉贤区的上海市工业综合开发区,公司占地面积48899平方米,其中一期厂房建筑面积19707平方米。   公司产品涉及汽车发动机及变速箱的冷却系统、润滑系统、燃油系统等各类金属管件及配套的非金属管件,其中包括发动机与增压器的冷却水管(包含胶管)、集油管、机油标尺及导管、增压器进/回油管(含PTFE软管)、AKF管、EGR管、自动变速箱配管(包含软管)。公司可根据客户要求提供碳钢管、不锈钢管、不锈钢波纹管、邦迪管、铝合金管、铜管等各种材料构成的成型管路。公司的产品质量、价格、服务在汽车行业中享有很高的信誉,产品远销北美、日本、欧洲等地区和国家。   公司拥有先进的制造设备、可靠的生产工艺、完善的检测手段和科学的管理,在售前和售后服务中做到快速反应,应急应变,为客户提供优质产品和满意服务。公司的产品开发能力和生产规模在同行业中处于领先地位。

SHANGHAI SANDA AUTOmobiles PARTS CO., LTD (SSAP) is specialised in manufacturing automotive pipes and assemblies, mainly for VW, GM, Hyundai, Daimler, etc. It has been certified as the Level A supplier of Volkswagen China, SVW, FVW and other main stream automotive manufactories for many years.

SSAP was founded in June 2001 (established in 1953, called Shanghai Secondary Automotive Parts Factory), which is located in Shanghai Fengpu Industrial Park in Fengxian, Shanghai. It covers an area of 48,899m², of which the current plant occupies 19,707m².

We produce a complete portfolio of metal tubes and assemblies (hose inclued) for cooling system, lubrication system and fuel system in engines and gearboxes. Those include cooling pipes for engine and turbocharger (hose included), oil pick up, oil dipstick and tube, oil feed / return pipe (PTFE and Stainless Steel braided hose) for turbocharger, AKF pipe, EGR pipe and automatic gearbox pipe (hose included). We can provide with pipes of various material on the basis of customer demand, such as steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel corrugated pipe, "Bundy" pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, copper pipe, etc. SSAP has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services with cost-effective prices in automotive industry. Our products are aslo exported to North America, Japan, Europe and other countries.

SSAP has advanced production equipment, reliable production processes, adequate testing methods and people-oriented management system. It commits its resources to enable rapid response in pre-sale and after-sale services, to be competitive and effective to provide high quality products and satisfied services to customers. And our ability of product development and production scale are also in a leading position in the industry.

SSAP has certificated by ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system.

With the objective of " Honest, Efficient, Practical, Innovating", and the goal of high quality products, reasonable price and considerate service, SSAP achieves its success in this competitive market. We are willing to establish a sincere cooperation with friends domestic and abroad to create a brilliant future!